About me:

I have experience in dental prosthetics since 2002. On average, I perform 35-45 total works per year (using the technical capabilities of the laboratory and support personnel). I deepen my knowledge in the Slavichek methodology.  I consider an individual approach to the construction of occlusion of each patient, depending on the type of occlusion and skull class, to be of primary importance.

Depending on the requirements, I work in different concepts of wax modeling, namely:

  • Fang dysocclusion with consecutive opening (protrusion on frontal teeth only).
  • Group non-balancing disocclusion depending on the patient’s age, doctor’s preferences and type of construction (protrusion only on the front teeth).
  • Group balancing occlusion with protrusion in the masticatory sections (depending on the skull class, patient’s age and doctor’s preferences).

1995-98 Lviv Art Lyceum, specialty «Stained glass artist and designer».

1998-2000 Lviv Medical College, orthopedic dentistry, specialty dental technician.

During this period, I practiced in the 1st state dental clinic as a dental technician.

2000-2008 work as a dental technician in the 1st state dental hospital.

In 2005 I founded a private dental laboratory.

2008 the first articulator was purchased and the in-depth development of functional work, including the Slavichek concept, began.

2010 passing the course of functional diagnostics and work with articulators Amman Girrbach.

In 2018-2019 I completed an advanced course on functional wax modeling according to the Slavichek concept at the Medical University of Vienna.

The course consisted of modules in which each of the three skull classes was studied.